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Lisa Jackson6887 viewsPhoto: Jim Wade83 comments08/30/09 at 11:46iLoveKatarzyna: love it!
Lisa Jackson6684 viewsPhoto: Trevor O'Shana74 comments08/30/09 at 11:45iLoveKatarzyna: soooooo underrated, one of the best.
Lisa Jackson5713 viewsPhoto: Fredric Reshew37 comments08/30/09 at 11:45iLoveKatarzyna: i don't like it.
Lisa Jackson10903 viewsPhoto: Mike Rosenthal70 comments08/30/09 at 11:45iLoveKatarzyna: STUNNNINNGGGGGGGGGGGGG!
Lisa Jackson7160 viewsPhoto: Lionel Deluy33 comments08/30/09 at 11:44iLoveKatarzyna: LOVEEEEEEEE!
Lisa Jackson5055 views24 comments08/30/09 at 11:44iLoveKatarzyna: i love her face here.
Lisa Jackson6435 viewsPhoto: Matthew Jordan Smith33 comments08/30/09 at 11:44iLoveKatarzyna: i like the legs, but you can't see the dress.
Lisa Jackson8330 viewsPhoto: Mike Rosenthal59 comments08/30/09 at 11:44iLoveKatarzyna: LOVEEEEE! 3rd best.
Lisa Jackson2928 views9 comments08/30/09 at 11:43iLoveKatarzyna: j-lo!
Lisa Jackson3348 views12 comments08/30/09 at 11:42iLoveKatarzyna: i like this.
Lisa Jackson3544 views18 comments08/30/09 at 11:42iLoveKatarzyna: LEGSSSSS!
Lisa Jackson3544 views18 comments07/30/09 at 04:56: Love the legs, face is kinda bland tho
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