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Brooke Staricha7950 viewsPhoto: Tracy Bayne63 comments06/24/10 at 05:22Mileyfan123451: It's her best shot from the competition. Thou...
Brooke Staricha6902 viewsPhoto: Richard Reinsdorf76 comments06/24/10 at 05:21Mileyfan123451: I think her eyes are too small in this picture
Brooke Staricha5765 views28 comments06/24/10 at 05:20Mileyfan123451: Her makeover really suits to her.
Brooke Staricha6500 viewsPhoto: Pascal Demeester53 comments06/24/10 at 05:19Mileyfan123451: Neck is really gorgeous. I'm glad she is show...
Brooke Staricha3559 views16 comments06/24/10 at 05:18Mileyfan123451: Love her bonestructure
Brooke Staricha3918 views32 comments06/24/10 at 05:17Mileyfan123451: Her lips in this picture are in ''kiss-p...
Brooke Staricha793 viewsFor: HOJB4 comments06/11/10 at 17:56justice: I hope they were selling the boots, otherwise that...
Brooke Staricha923 viewsPhoto: Heather Kelle2 comments06/05/10 at 13:48LisaTheDiva: The hat!
Brooke Staricha1025 viewsPhoto: Dustin Ashcraft4 comments05/30/10 at 16:36aspergersgirlKaty: Pretty Brooke
Brooke Staricha7718 viewsPhoto: Thomas Klementsson47 comments05/28/10 at 06:35: I don't hate it, but I don't love it, it...
Brooke Staricha793 viewsFor: HOJB4 comments05/27/10 at 17:54Dubbad2: looks like bad photography
Brooke Staricha897 viewsFor: HOJB7 comments05/27/10 at 17:53Dubbad2: This is amazing. i love a girl with attitude
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