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Jayla Rubinelli864 viewsPhoto: Omar O. 4 comments09/04/17 at 00:06Canadagirl1234: Yikes, Jayla girl you've looked better!
Jayla Rubinelli3374 views20 comments06/15/14 at 15:22shyho: Rachel and Jayla are 0 percent jewish lol, i love ...
Jayla Rubinelli1534 viewsPhoto: Neil Peters7 comments06/15/14 at 15:21shyho: Not getting any work but she has a better look the...
Jayla Rubinelli1303 viewsPhoto: Neil Peters4 comments06/15/14 at 15:17shyho: doesn't matter if you like her not ty god mak...
Jayla Rubinelli767 viewsPhoto: Neil Peters1 comments06/15/14 at 15:17shyho: High Fashion Headache love th eye brow arch
Jayla Rubinelli1611 viewsPhoto: Lithium Picnic9 comments06/15/14 at 15:14shyho: Looks pretty good she is outshining the winner wit...
Jayla Rubinelli1965 viewsFor: HIN Girls10 comments05/06/14 at 10:16aspergersgirlKaty: Totally thought she was topless
Jayla Rubinelli5985 viewsPhoto: Jason Willheim43 comments12/19/13 at 20:01Canadagirl1234: Who cares if she was a bitch she was a fun...
Jayla Rubinelli914 viewsPhoto: Albert King
For: Blitz Magazine, March/April 2010
3 comments11/23/13 at 20:03Canadagirl1234: LOL
Jayla Rubinelli1219 viewsPhoto: Neil Peters9 comments11/23/13 at 20:01Canadagirl1234: Woah!!! amazing!
Jayla Rubinelli1272 viewsPhoto: Nando Esparza29 comments11/23/13 at 20:01Canadagirl1234: Gorgeous!!!!!
Jayla Rubinelli1983 viewsFor: Great Guns 2008 Calendar22 comments08/29/13 at 21:04jericho: At least she didn't do the lesser calendar, M...
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