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Jessica Serfaty7232 viewsPhoto: Mike Ruiz107 comments04/16/10 at 09:52shortstuff04: I dont think its as bad as everyone else thinks it...
Katarzyna Dolinska1363 viewsPhoto: Sylvain Homo
For: Prestigium Studio
7 comments01/10/10 at 10:41shortstuff04: Agreed <3..she looks amazing!
Cycle Thirteen Group8822 views140 comments12/05/09 at 12:56shortstuff04: BOOK EM!
Sundai Love2845 views18 comments12/05/09 at 12:55shortstuff04: Bad....
Laura Kirkpatrick2149 viewsPhoto: Miracle Man Photography54 comments12/05/09 at 12:55shortstuff04: MMMM, Iam lovin it!
Erin Wagner11988 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion183 comments12/05/09 at 12:54shortstuff04: OMG! SHe looks beautiful and tall tall tall!
Erin Wagner10923 viewsPhoto: Steve Shaw253 comments12/05/09 at 12:53shortstuff04: Shouldnt Have been eliminated. She is to pretty in...
Erin Wagner2511 viewsPhoto: Raya21 comments12/05/09 at 12:52shortstuff04: OMG OMG OMG> I totally love this!
Erin Wagner2551 viewsPhoto: Raya
For: Editor's Closet
25 comments12/05/09 at 12:51shortstuff04: She is always sad, but she looks amazing!
Erin Wagner3735 viewsPhoto: Raya
For: Editor's Closet
58 comments12/05/09 at 12:50shortstuff04: Most deffs my Fav Shot! Omg she is gorgerous here!
Erin Wagner11285 viewsPhoto: Jim DeYonker139 comments12/05/09 at 12:49shortstuff04: She has potential. And she doesnt look short at al...
Celia Ammerman4951 viewsPhoto: Elizabeth Lippman
For: the New York Post, May 10, 2009
20 comments12/05/09 at 12:48shortstuff04: She is still old....
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