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Liz Williams225 viewsFor: Lipstick 2013 Selah Couture
Photo: Finally Focus
1 comments08/21/15 at 21:01NikkySan: OMG WTF who gave this two 5's?
Jessica Serfaty10500 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion109 comments07/05/13 at 08:07NikkySan: Looking back, this is really bad. Stomach looks fl...
Jenah Doucette12358 views131 comments06/28/13 at 01:13NikkySan: Her actual hair and and the extentions aren't...
Allison Harvard37815 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks297 comments06/23/13 at 23:12NikkySan: MOST OVERRATED PHOTO IN TOP MODEL HISTORY. Argh, i...
Brandy Rusher1287 views10 comments05/20/13 at 00:04NikkySan: WHERE THE HELL IS SHE? After all these years I sti...
Claire Unabia4948 viewsPhoto: Andre Wright Jr.
For: Mute Magazine
104 comments05/19/13 at 23:53NikkySan: ^ Not anymore, I accidentally gave it a 5. ...
Devyn Abdullah510 views5 comments05/19/13 at 23:45NikkySan: Awful, awful winner.
Victoria Marshman8392 viewsPhoto: Lionel Deluy210 comments12/30/12 at 00:20NikkySan: If this girl had kept her mouth shut, Saleisha wou...
Bianca Richardson5624 viewsPhoto: Firooz Zahedi174 comments11/24/12 at 00:09NikkySan: ^^ No, people her photos low because she's a ...
Sheena Sakai424 viewsPhoto: Jeff Cox3 comments11/23/12 at 00:05NikkySan: Stripper Sheena is back!
Yoanna House1843 viewsFor: Jane Magazine, June/July 20044 comments11/20/12 at 17:45NikkySan: Really cheap. Probably the worst magazine prize af...
Brittany Brown2501 views15 comments11/20/12 at 03:01NikkySan: She was such a disappointment. This shot showe...
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