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Sheena Sakai1234 viewsPhoto: Manny Roman22 comments09/22/09 at 00:13bornnnyc123: was she on the premiere of gossip girl? one of the...
Brittany Markert9548 viewsPhoto: Firooz Zahedi134 comments09/20/09 at 12:18bornnnyc123: perfection, deserved 1st call out
Brittany Markert1718 viewsPhoto: Andrew Kuykendall
For: C-Heads Magazine Issue 17
8 comments09/15/09 at 21:32bornnnyc123: Fab
Brittany Markert2427 viewsPhoto: Andrew Kyukendall
For: w25 Magazine, Issue 2 (November 2008)
14 comments09/15/09 at 21:31bornnnyc123: Gorgeous! Love it
Allison Harvard26723 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker153 comments03/17/09 at 21:23bornnnyc123: Absolutley fabulous; she or celia deserved a first...
Anya Kop2732 viewsPhoto: Alex Lam
For: Showcase Fashion
22 comments03/17/09 at 21:22bornnnyc123: Patdabaker better not throw Anya out a window...
Allison Harvard22791 viewsPhoto: Fadil Berisha149 comments03/05/09 at 18:09bornnnyc123: She is fab
Aminat Ayinde8365 viewsPhoto: Fadil Berisha67 comments03/05/09 at 18:08bornnnyc123: Fierce walk, hot girl, mediocre pic
Celia Ammerman10173 viewsPhoto: Fadil Berisha83 comments03/05/09 at 18:08bornnnyc123: <3 LOVE HER
Fo Porter9848 viewsPhoto: Fadil Berisha80 comments03/05/09 at 18:07bornnnyc123: gorgeous face with a wonderfully diverse look, but...
Isabella Falk6660 viewsPhoto: Fadil Berisha85 comments03/05/09 at 18:07bornnnyc123: a decent pic but a horrible shoot
Jessica Santiago6647 viewsPhoto: Fadil Berisha75 comments03/05/09 at 18:06bornnnyc123: gooooooooorgeous girl with a fab walk, her picture...
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