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Krista White8842 viewsPhoto: Tony Drayton268 comments03/15/12 at 09:19channon7: ewww sooo many haters. guess what SHE WON BITCHES ...
Erin Wagner10513 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks236 comments03/18/11 at 14:54channon7: @nfran227 hahahaha, you sound pathetic and jealous...
Alexandria Everett1276 views1 comments03/05/11 at 17:45channon7: no matter how mean or rude she is on the show, she...
Jaclyn Poole4454 viewsPhoto: Russell James35 comments02/28/11 at 19:46channon7: gorgeoussss (:
Nicole Fox2124 viewsPhoto: Kathryna Hancock26 comments02/05/11 at 12:49channon7: this is breath taking and flawless. i have never l...
Analeigh Tipton26142 viewsPhoto: Jim De Yonker289 comments02/05/11 at 12:38channon7: she is so pretty. but she doesnt look like a model...
Anya Kop27621 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker244 comments02/05/11 at 12:36channon7: flawlessssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brittany Hatch15509 viewsPhoto: Michael Omm115 comments02/05/11 at 12:25channon7: best picture of that week <3
Nik Pace9012 viewsPhoto: Kate Martin83 comments02/05/11 at 12:16channon7: she shoulda won (: kay thanks bye.
Nicole Linkletter13320 viewsPhoto: Kate Martin81 comments02/02/11 at 23:42channon7: i didnt like her very much. she seemed fake. like ...
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