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Krista White7591 viewsPhoto: Nigel Barker196 comments05/14/10 at 00:59ozaaaaa: TYRA IS GORGEOUS (AS USUAL) AND KRISTA?????(don...
Alexandra Underwood6655 viewsPhoto: Monty Adams115 comments05/14/10 at 00:55ozaaaaa: she looks fat
Krista White8419 viewsPhoto: Monty Adams99 comments05/14/10 at 00:54ozaaaaa: ^^yah i couldn't agree more
Nicole Fox1996 viewsPhoto: Alex Oryan
For: Fashion Q&A, April 2010
20 comments04/22/10 at 19:15ozaaaaa: SHIT! THAT'S A RAP!
Alasia Ballard5838 viewsPhoto: Mike Ruiz118 comments04/22/10 at 19:14ozaaaaa: I AM A FAN NOTHING TO DOUBT
Alasia Ballard5838 viewsPhoto: Mike Ruiz118 comments04/16/10 at 04:18ozaaaaa: i don't know but i like it
Analeigh Tipton1673 views24 comments11/28/09 at 02:38ozaaaaa: COOL!!
Erin Wagner10496 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks236 comments11/01/09 at 03:58ozaaaaa: she's better in black hair
Sundai Love5459 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks139 comments10/30/09 at 08:22ozaaaaa: i love it i dont know why
Fatima Siad788 views5 comments10/09/09 at 22:03ozaaaaa: good for preshow photo
Sundai Love5840 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks127 comments10/02/09 at 00:57ozaaaaa: DANIELLE
Kara Vincent6425 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion151 comments09/26/09 at 22:54ozaaaaa: dynamic pose
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