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Sundai Love5840 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks127 comments04/12/10 at 07:36Big Black and Beautiful: She and Kara had the least to work with
Sundai Love5053 viewsPhoto: Jonathan Mannion119 comments04/12/10 at 07:35Big Black and Beautiful: This is really good.
Shandi Sullivan637 viewsPhoto: Alan Barry1 comments04/12/10 at 07:30Big Black and Beautiful: She and Kahlen = Fierce top models who decided to ...
Amanda Swafford19900 viewsPhoto: Troy Ward132 comments04/06/10 at 08:45Big Black and Beautiful: ♥
Teyona Anderson1064 views9 comments04/06/10 at 08:44Big Black and Beautiful: I LOOOOVE TEYONA <3
Teyona Anderson1247 viewsPhoto: Ben Stone18 comments04/06/10 at 08:42Big Black and Beautiful: ^I liked Teyona. She's one of my fave winners ...
Tatiana Dante6196 viewsPhoto: Johann Wolf39 comments04/06/10 at 08:38Big Black and Beautiful: She should be on "I Love Money". And I s...
Robin Manning7667 viewsPhoto: Tyra Banks65 comments04/06/10 at 08:36Big Black and Beautiful: Gorg
Robin Manning7466 viewsPhoto: Michel Haddi63 comments04/06/10 at 08:36Big Black and Beautiful: "Why the fuck did you cheat on me? Is it beca...
Raina Hein15719 viewsPhoto: Brian Edwards313 comments03/22/10 at 10:15Big Black and Beautiful: ^^^^ BS. Not the best photo in the history.
Nicole Fox2288 views15 comments12/19/09 at 08:00Big Black and Beautiful: I just don't like this one. My least fave of h...
Nicole Fox1479 views11 comments12/19/09 at 07:58Big Black and Beautiful: What if it turns out that she's actually 5'...
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